Interactive Toys and Electronic Prototypes


Atomcom LLC has been inventing, developing, and prototyping interactive and electronic toys, and serving the toy inventing community for more than a decade. From napkin-sketch to market, we can help you realize your interactive toy, game, consumer device, and dynamic, connected "internet of things" concepts. If it's lights-up, moves, makes noise, or talks to a computer or the internet, we've got the technology and talent to make your ideas a reality.

Atomocom specializes in:

  • Animatronics - Synchronizing speech and sound with motion and motor control.
  • Mechatronics - Complex motions and complex toy behavior from simple, inexpensive motor, mechanism, and gear-train solutions.
  • LED and Lighting Effects - Squeezing exciting display effects through micro-controller driven LED lighting and animation.
  • Sound and Speech - Add sound, sound effects, and interactive speech to your toy concept.
  • Toy A.I. - Add dynamic, creative programmable play patterns to your toy concept. We can pack a surprising feature set into even the least expensive micro-controllers.
  • Internet / Computer Connected Toys - Add a new dimension of connectivity and play power to your toy concept. We can enable your toy to live online, Twitter, post pictures, and download dynamic sounds and play patterns.
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